Health Home Care Management Services

SCO Family of Services is offering a new service called Care Management to help our families keep their children and young adults healthier.  SCO can help manage and coordinate eligible children and young adults’  health care, behavioral health and service needs through participation in a Health Home.


What’s a Health Home?

health-home-puzzleA Health Home is not a building or a place. It is a team of professionals who work together to make sure all of the child or young adult’s needs are being met. The team is led by an SCO Health Home Care Manager who becomes the family’s partner in care.

What does a Care Manager do?

The Health Home Care Manager is the point person for everyone involved in the child or young adult’s care.  The Care Manager works with each family to develop a care plan that lists the needs, goals, and the providers and services needed to reach those goals.  Care Managers can help make appointments. He or she can help with housing and educational needs. The Care Manager can even connect families to programs in their communities to help each family lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Why do I need a Health Home?

health-team-imageA child or young adult may see many health professionals from different agencies and at multiple locations. It can be very difficult to coordinate all of that care. With SCO Care Management, a Care Manager is there to help you.  He or she will make sure everyone has a full picture of your child or young adult’s needs, goals, and progress. This will lead to better results, better care, and can help avoid trips to the emergency room.

Who is eligible?

Children and young adults (birth to 21 years of age) who are eligible for Medicaid and have certain medical or behavioral health conditions may qualify for a Health Home. This includes children and young adults in SCO’s foster care, preventive, mental health, educational, medical and residential programs. In certain situations, the caregiver of an eligible child may also be eligible to receive Health Home services.

There are no out of pocket costs to participate in a Health Home and receive Care Management services. It is covered under Medicaid.

How do I sign up?

Please contact your SCO Case Worker to help determine if a Health Home is right for you. Or you may call the Health Home enrollment hotline at 718-674-7703 or email us  at


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