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Every Thanksgiving week, Hazel Village donates 10% of their sales to a community group that helps our neighbors. Because their customers participate so generously during this busy week, they are able to generously share thousands of dollars.


This year, they’ve chosen the Center for Family Life!

From Emma Katz, COO of Hazel Village:   “We met some members of the Hazel Village team through CFL’s adult employment program, and we’re grateful to them for that. We’re also super impressed by CFL’s programming for kids of all ages and abilities. They help families make their neighborhood a better place.

Shop in person at their a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e store:
510 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

or online at
and they’ll donate 10% of all sales
from November 22nd through November 28th, aka Giving Tuesday.

Here’s a sample of their handmade offerings: 

Ada Doll $42

Kangaroo Shirt $48

Reginald Fox $50

Mushroom Rattle $15

About Hazel Village
Deep in a leafy grove, the clever animals of Hazel Village live in their neat little houses, happy and free. They keep their perky ears attuned to the sounds of their forest home, and use their wits to do helpful and kind projects for their neighbors.

Jane Van Cleef started Hazel Village in 2010 with her own two hands. She set out to make the toys she would have wanted as a child: soft and cute, with a rigorous commitment to the spirit of play. You’ll never see us sell a sewn-on doll shoe or a button that doesn’t work, because that would mean admitting the animals aren’t real. So we make real organic cotton woodland creatures and dolls, and real doll clothes that all the Hazel Village friends can share, to inspire hours of immersive, low-tech play. Also real matching clothing for babies and kids, because what could be more cute?

At the Hazel Village workshop and flagship store in Brooklyn, we do our best to follow the good example of the animals. The company and the animals have the same core values: we are resourceful, clever, jolly, diligent, and gentle. We hope that Hazel Village empowers kids to play at their best: to make or imagine everything they need to make their dream worlds real. The animals’ motto: INDUSTRY AND GOOD CHEER, EVERY DAY AND EVERY YEAR!

CFL in the Community

On Sunday, November 19, 2017, at 3:00 p.m., the Congregation Beth Elohim Refugee Task Force in partnership with the Community Bookstore staged Undocumented. Unaccompanied. Unwelcome., an immigrant advocacy event, in the Sanctuary Building at the Synagogue at 274 Garfield Place in Park Slope.

Valeria Luiselli, author of Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay In 40 Questions, headlined the event, which begun with Ms. Luiselli reading from her book, followed by a panel discussion of immigration issues and ways we can individually and collectively assist the immigrant community.


After the event, there were opportunities to sign up to volunteer with immigrant aid organizations, including DamayanRiFFirst FriendsCenter for Family Life, and more.



Celebrity Chef Sunny Anderson & NBC’s Give visited CFL and thats when things really started cookin’!
The segment aired Saturday, October 28th during NBC’s The More You Know on channel 4.
Here’s the full episode! 

They really surprised us, we hope you love the reveal as much as we do!  A very big THANK YOU to The New York Women’s Foundation’s generous donation, the Center for Family Life can continue to empower women for generations to come! #GiveNBC


CFL in the News

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