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Life Lines: Finding Family through Musical Improv in Sunset Park

Please follow this link to read the in-depth write up of our Life Lines program, published by Barbara Cervone on What Kids Can  Ms. Cervone joined the Life Lines camping retreat and attended the subsequent “Connections” performance- where she spent considerable time interviewing our dedicated staff and participants. Life Lines: Finding Family through Musical Improv in Sunset Park captures Life Lines’ vibrant energy, use of social group work to engage and empower youth, camaraderie, and lasting impact on students.

“When we give students the permission to speak from their own experience instead of someone else’s words to interpret, it shows we trust them” said Julie Stein Brockway. “Improv demands that the students listen closely and support one another, that they take risks.”  “Connections—that’s what this show and Life Lines is all about- It recognizes the deep human need to feel accepted and to belong.”

2017 Celebrating Community Honoree

Karla emigrated from Venezuela in 6th grade, speaking only Spanish.  She grew up in our programs and now leads Life Lines at the same junior high school she attended as a young girl.  Take a few minutes to be inspired by her story.

At CFL, we witness this energy and creativity every day, as well as the powerful human struggle to overcome challenges and gain access to the resources needed to grow and thrive.Please join us and stand with Sunset Park’s immigrant community. Make a donation today!

CFL in the News

New home services PLATFORM UP & GO SHAKES UP the Gig economy by putting workers in charge

New York City service professionals take big tech into their own hands with new web app

NEW YORK, NY – (Marketwired – May 09, 2017) Up & Go, a web app that offers on-demand cleaning services at guaranteed fair wages, was launched by four women-run worker cooperatives. In response to the influx of tech giants transforming the residential cleaning industry, the worker-owned businesses Brightly Cleaning Cooperative, Cooperative Cleaning of New York, and Ecomundo Cleaning Cooperative have teamed up to compete with a tech venture of their own.

“As home cleaning professionals and small business owners, we saw a need to adapt to the changes in our industry in order to reach more clients, while also maintaining our commitment to service quality and fair work practices,” said Rosario Jimenez, a co-owner and vice president of Ecomundo Cleaning Cooperative. “We knew we needed to come together as worker cooperatives to make that happen.” … Read the full press release here!
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